Universal Capital Solutions Corporation

Is an enterprise specializing in the structuring of projects to synchronize them with funding sources to convert them into a successful reality. In MASTER CAPITAL we give you fast and efficient responses for the enrichment and experience of your Project.

The Difference

We have mastered 30 different underwriting programs to obtain the most important part of your project “the capital”. This gives 28 more opportunities for entrepreneurs to fund their projects.

Experience and Range

MASTER CAPITAL has 7 years of capitalizing projects worldwide and 10 years of development and implementation of insurance, annuities, finances and national leadership.

MASTER CAPITAL has over 15 systems of under-writing and over 400 funding sources for personal, business, commercial and development projects.

Our Headquarters



Directory of Personal

Presidential Executive Director

George Marneris


Fernali Ferrice

International Attorney

Ricardo Bracho Wolf

Vice President of Central America

Will Hernandez

Administration Assistant

Amber Johnson



Administration Director

Joe Harilas

Underwriting Supervisor

Shawn Henderson

Processing Underwriter

Deborah Terris

Processing Underwriter

Jose Fernandez

Agent Services Supervisor

Sergio Kulevas

Agent Services Executive

John Devet

Agent Services Executive

Ana Busteri

Graphic Design Director

Orlando Rodriguez

Graphic Designer

Armando Arrollo



Building Manager

Eduardo Haro

Building Maintenance

James Rushing



Executive Marketing Director

Luis Torres

Executive Agent

Thomas Camacho

Gold Agent Manager

Esteban Barrios

Senior Executive Agent

Pat Freeland

National Executive Agent

Jesse Morata

Executive Agent - Guadalajara Mexico

Rocio Cano

Executive Agent - Guadalajara Mexico

Frank Valencia

Executive Agent - Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Ricardo Garcia

Executive Agent - Mexico City Mexico

Carlos Garcia

Executive Agent - Honduras

Carlos Espinoza

Executive Agent – Durango Mexico

Lupita Leal M

Executive Agent – Bolivia

Walter Quinonez

Executive Agent – California

Sharon Sandoval

Executive Agent – Columbia

Rodolfo Vengoechea

Executive Agent

Luis Ramos

Executive Agent – Miami

Carmen Pino

Executive Agent – New York

Ruth Cortez



Placement Officer

Ronald Hargrave

Placement Officer

Eliseo Acosta