National Loans Commercial/ Business 50K -100 Million

Commercial Loans

Conventional Commercial Loan

Rehab and ReDevelopment Commercial Loans
Commercial completion loans.

Asset Based Hard Money Loan
Loan based on asset security.

Stated Commercial Loan
Commercial loans based on credit score.

Private Money Commercial Loan
Loan based on property and business plan.

Commercial Construction Loan
Loan for new project construction.

Business Loans

Small Business Administration Loans
Government secured business loan.

Conventional Business Loans
Based on credit and _nancials.

Factoring Loans
Loans based in future capital from receivables or contracts.

Equipment Loans
Loans based on purchase new or old equipment.

Equipment Leaseback Loans
Loans secured by client’s equipment.

Equipment Real Estate Leaseback Loan
Loans securedby bothreal estate and equipment.

Asset Based Business Loan
Business loans secured by collateral security.

Land Loan
A loan guaranteed by land.