Universal Capital Solutions Corporation

Master Capital

UNIVERSAL CAPITAL SOLUTIONS Is an enterprise specializing in the structuring of projects to synchronize them with funding sources to convert them into a successful reality. In MASTER CAPITAL we give you fast and efficient responses for the enrichment and experience of your Project.


MASTER CAPITAL has 6 years of capitalizing projects worldwide and 10 years of development and implementation of insurance, annuities, finances and national leadership. MASTER CAPITAL has over 15 systems of underwriting and over 400 funding sources for personal, business, commercial and development projects. MASTER CAPITAL provides its services in countries that allow capital to their entrepreneurs and that are peaceful countries.

Our experience is expanded from projects in Japan, Australia, South Korea, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Spain, Zimbabwe and many more.

The capitalization of projects for MASTER CAPITAL goes from $1 Million to $1 Billion of U.S Dollars. Please note that certain countries have other minimum amounts according to distance and market.


1.-APLICATION: Registration, packaging, analysis, structuring, presentation and executive summary. Full presentation and submission of project.

2.-TERM SHEET APPROVAL: The art of structuring with the funding sources. Voting and accepting the project. Committee and investor interviews.

3.-OFFICIAL SYNDICATION CONTRACT: Officialize terms, time frame and numbers. Conclusion of terms and execution to construct commitment.

4.-COMMITMENT CONTRACT: Official document that will dictate execution of loan. Review and adjust terms. This locks lender and borrower.

5.-DUE DILIGENCE AND REPORTS: final verification of documentation submitted for Project. Execution and implementation of all third party reports.

6.-CLOSING- FUNDING: The title house or attorneys will execute loan documents, proper recordings and distribution of funds. Congratulations!